Wartortle Pokemon Card: Stats, Evolution, Cost, And More (wartortle pokemon card)

Wartortle Pokemon Card: Stats, Evolution, Cost, And More

Many individuals think that Wartortle is the best Pokemon, but they are wrong.


What are the statistics for a Wartortle Pokemon card

A Wartortle card from the Pokemon Trading Card Video Game.Wartortles are one of the initial 151 species of Pokémon. As a water type, Wartortles are strong against ground, fire and rock type Pokémon, however weak against turf and electrical type Pokémon. In the Pokémon anime series, Ash Ketchum’s buddy Misty has a Wartortle that she captured as a Squirtle.Wartortles are popular amongst collectors of the Pokémon Trading Card Video Game. The value of a Wartortle card depends upon its condition and whether it is a very first edition card. A first edition Wartortle card in mint condition can cost around $50.


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How much does a Wartortle Pokemon card expense

Presuming you are discussing the physical card, a Wartortle Pokemon card can cost anywhere from $0.50 to $100. The rate depends upon the condition of the card and whether or not it is a rare card. For instance, a mint condition Wartortle card that is not rare might be worth around $5, while an uncommon Wartortle card in bad condition might be worth around $50.


Where can I discover a Wartortle Pokemon card

If you are searching for a Wartortle Pokemon card, the very best place to look is online. You can discover a wide variety of Wartortle cards on websites like eBay and Amazon. Make sure to do your research study prior to acquiring a card, as there are phony cards out there.


How do I use a Wartortle Pokemon card in battle

You are in for a reward if you are fortunate sufficient to have a Wartortle card in your Pokemon battle deck. This powerful animal can easily take down most opponents with its mighty attacks. Here is how to utilize your Wartortle card to its full capacity in fight.Take a look at the Wartortle’s attack stats. It has two main attacks, Surf and Bite. Surf is a water type attack that does 30 damage. Bite is a dark type attack that does 20 damage and likewise has a possibility to disable the challenger.Now, choose which of these two attacks will be most efficient versus your challenger’s Pokemon. If they are weak to water type attacks, then Browse will be extremely reliable. Bite will be your best bet if they are weak to dark type attacks. Usage whichever attack will do the most damage to your challenger’s Pokemon.Finally, keep an eye on your energy levels. Wartortle’s attacks need a lot of energy, so you will require to make sure you have enough energy cards in play to sustain its attacks. Wartortle will be not able to attack and will be at a drawback in battle if you run out of energy.With these pointers in mind, you must have the ability to utilize your Wartortle card to its full potential in fight. All the best!


What are the weaknesses of a Wartortle Pokemon card

Some of the weaknesses of a Wartortle Pokemon card include its low HP, its weak point to Grass-type attacks, and its retreat cost of 2 Energy. Additionally, Wartortle’s Water Gun attack does reasonably little damage, making it hard to take down opponents with this card alone.


What is the set sign on a Wartortle Pokemon card

A Wartortle is a dual-type Water/Dark type Pokemon. It evolves from Squirtle beginning at level 16 and evolves into Blastoise starting at level 36. Wartortle has a blue shell with a white underside. It has large, dark eyes and a brown cap with a dark brown stripe ranging from its forehead to the back of its neck. Its legs and arms are brief with 3 webbed digits on each foot. On its head is a yellow horn-like protuberance on each side.The set sign on a Wartortle Pokemon card is 2 interlocking crescent moons.


Does a Wartortle Pokemon card have a capability

Yes, a Wartortle Pokemon card has an ability. The ability is called Torrent and it permits Wartortle to have a 1.5 x boost to its Water-type relocations.


What attack does a Wartortle Pokemon card have

A Wartortle card has the “Bite” attack, which does 20 damage to the opponent’s Pokemon.


What is the illustrator of a Wartortle Pokemon card

The illustrator of a Wartortle Pokemon card is Ken Sugimori. Ken Sugimori is a Japanese video game artist who has worked for Nintendo considering that 1981. He is best understood for his work on the Pokémon franchise, which he assisted create.