What Are The Statistics For A Steelix Pokemon Card? (steelix pokemon card)

What Are The Statistics For A Steelix Pokemon Card?

There are a great deal of pokemon cards out there, but Steelix cards are some of the very best. Here are the stats for a Steelix pokemon card:


What are the data for a Steelix pokemon card

You’re probably familiar with the Steelix pokemon card if you’re a fan of the Pokemon franchise. This card is one of the original 151 pokemon cards that were launched in the United States in 1998. The Steelix card was launched as part of the Base Set 2, which was the 2nd expansion of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. The Steelix card is a Phase 1 pokemon card, implying that it can develop from an Onix card.The Steelix card has a lot of terrific stats. For instance, its Hit Points are 70, which is respectable for a pokemon card. It also has a Retreat Cost of four, which implies that you’ll need to dispose of 4 energy cards from Steelix in order to retreat it during your turn. Additionally, Steelix has a Resistance to Psychic-type pokemon, implying that it will take less damage from Psychic-type attacks.The Steelix card is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for an excellent pokemon card to include to your collection. It’s a versatile and powerful card that can hold its own against several challengers.


What is the card number for Steelix

The card number for Steelix is 74. This is a Fundamental Metal Pokémon card. It has the Metal type.


What types of energy does Steelix need to attack

Steelix is a Steel/Ground-type Pokà © mon, which implies it is mostly immune to Fire-, Flying-, Bug-, and Ghost-type attacks. It is resistant to Toxin- and Rock-type attacks, and weak to Fighting-type attacks. However, it can use any type of attack in battle.


How much damage does Steelix’s attacks do

Steelix is an enormous, serpentine Pokémon with a rock-hard body. Its conceal is impenetrable to a lot of attacks. It burrows through the ground at a depth of over 60 miles per hour, churning up the soil as it goes. Steelix’s eyes are very conscious bright light, so it invests the majority of its time underground where it is dark and cool. When it comes out into the open, its vision is bad and it tends to run into things.


What is Steelix’s weakness

Steelix is a Ground and Steel type Pokémon. It is susceptible to Fire, Battling, Ground and Water type moves.


Does Steelix have any unique capabilities

Yes, Steelix does have numerous special capabilities. These consist of the capability to see in the dark, an extremely strong body that can hold up against practically any attack, and the capability to tunnel through the ground at high speeds.


What kinds of cards can Steelix evolve into

There are a variety of cards that Steelix can progress into, each with their own unique advantages. For example, Steelix can progress into a Machamp card, which enables it to use the “Giga Effect” move. This relocation does massive damage to a challenger, making it a great choice for taking down hard challengers. Steelix can likewise develop into a Golem card. This card gives Steelix the ability to use the “Surge” move, which does massive damage to all close-by opponents. This is perfect for removing large groups of opponents simultaneously. Ultimately, the option of which card Steelix develops into is up to the player, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.


What is the greatest phase that Steelix can reach

As of now, the greatest stage that Steelix can reach is Mega Steelix. This was presented in Pokémon X and Y, and permits Steelix to take on a brand-new form by using its Mega Stone. In this kind, Steelix’s body ends up being even harder and more resistant to damage, making it a much more formidable challenger in fight.


How many cards are in a Steelix deck

A Steelix deck includes sixty cards. Each player starts with a hand of seven cards, and draws one card per turn.


Is Steelix a common or rare pokemon card

There is no one conclusive answer to this question as the rarity of Steelix cards can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the specific set or edition they were launched in. In general, Steelix cards are not considered to be particularly rare, so gamers should not have too much difficulty tracking down a couple of copies if they are interested in constructing a deck around this popular pokemon.