The Value Of A Shauna Pokemon Card (shauna pokemon card)

The Value Of A Shauna Pokemon Card

Shauna is among the most important cards in the Pokemon trading card video game. She is a rare discover, and her value has actually only increased over time. If you are lucky adequate to have a Shauna card, you ought to keep it securely!


What is the value of a Shauna Pokemon card

A Shauna Pokemon card deserves a lot to collectors. This card was just readily available through an unique promo and is now out of print, making it uncommon and valuable. The card features the character Shauna from the Pokemon X and Y video games, and is a foil holo card. It is considered among the most rare and desired cards in the Pokemon trading card game.


Where can I discover a Shauna Pokemon card

If you are looking for a Shauna Pokemon card, the very best place to look is online. There are numerous websites that sell Pokemon cards, and you can find a wide variety of Shauna cards on these sites. You can also discover a great deal of details about the various cards offered, and you can check out evaluations to assist you choose the right card for you.


Just how much does a Shauna Pokemon card cost

As of August 2020, a Shauna Pokémon card from the XY Developments expansion set is worth an estimated $1.19. This value is based on current sales of similar cards on the secondary market. The XY Developments growth set was launched in 2016 and features cards from the initial Pokémon Red and Blue video games. Shauna is included on among these cards as a Trainer card. This card allows the player to search their deck for as much as 2 Standard Pokémon, which can then be put into their hand.


Who is Shauna

Shauna is a woman who is enthusiastic about assisting others. She has a heart for giving and likes to see individuals succeed. She is a strong leader and motivator, and she is always trying to find methods to enhance herself and her skills.


What are the statistics of Shauna’s Pikachu

Shauna’s Pikachu is a level 100 Electric-type Pokémon. It has a base stat overall of 640, and its individual stats are as follows:HP: 104Attack: 156Defense: 94Special Attack: 90Special Defense: 100Speed: 130Pikachu is powerful and notoriously fast, and Shauna’s Pikachu is no exception. With a Speed stat of 130, it can outrun most other Pokémon, and its high Attack stat implies that it can dispense a great deal of damage. Pikachu is a bit frail, with low HP and Defense statistics. As such, it requires to be cautious when up versus challengers that can hit hard.


What kind of Pokemon is Shauna’s Pikachu

There are a variety of various types of Pokemon, and each type has its own special strengths and weaknesses. So, what type of Pokemon is Shauna’s Pikachu?Pikachu is an Electric-type Pokemon, which means it is strong versus Water and Flying-type Pokemon, but weak versus Ground-type Pokemon. Pikachu’s Electric-type moves are likewise super reliable against Grass-type Pokemon.Shauna’s Pikachu is likewise pretty quickly, which offers it an advantage over numerous other Pokemon. In addition, Pikachu can use the move Thunder Shock, which has an opportunity to immobilize the target.So, in general, Shauna’s Pikachu is a strong and versatile Pokemon that can hold its own in battle. If you’re looking for a difficult challenger in your next Pokemon battle, be sure to watch out for Shauna’s Pikachu!


What relocations does Shauna’s Pikachu understand

Prior to we enter what relocations Shauna’s Pikachu understands, let’s very first talk about Pikachu itself. Pikachu is a electric-type pokemon that has the capability to store electricity in its cheeks. It can use this saved electrical energy to surprise its challengers and even light up the dark! Pikachu is also understood for being very friendly and playful, which is why it’s one of the most popular pokemon around.Now let’s enter into the moves that Shauna’s Pikachu understands. Pikachu can find out a variety of various moves, but some of the most popular ones are:-Thunderbolt: A powerful electrical move that can stun an opponent and trigger them paralysis.-Quick Attack: A fast, physical move that can provide and surprise a challenger Pikachu an advantage in battle.-Iron Tail: A steel-type move that can inflict damage on a challenger while likewise providing a possibility to flinch.- Electro Ball: A move that Pikachu charges up before launching a big, electrically charged ball at the challenger.As you can see, Pikachu is a versatile pokemon that can discover a variety of relocations. This makes it a fantastic pokemon for both fight and friendship!


What is Shauna’s Pikachu’s nature

Shauna’s Pikachu is a shy Pokémon. It is easily scared and will typically leave from battles. It is also very loyal to its trainer and will constantly come back. Pikachu is also known to be among the most effective electric-type Pokémon.


What is Shauna’s Pikachu’s capability

Shauna’s Pikachu has the ability to change into any other Pokémon. Pikachu is also able to use all of the attacks of the Pokémon it transforms into.


How many EVs does Shauna’s Pikachu have in each stat

Shauna’s Pikachu has an overall of 48 EVs in its stats.