Poliwrath Card Stats, Moves, And Weaknesses (poliwrath pokemon card)

Poliwrath Card Stats, Moves, And Weaknesses

If you’re trying to find a water type that can really pack a punch, look no more than Poliwrath. With a base attack stat of 135, Poliwrath makes sure to leave a mark.


What are the statistics for a Poliwrath card

If you’re a fan of the Pokémon Trading Card Video Game, then you know that Poliwrath is a powerhouse of a creature. But what are its stats?Poliwrath is a Stage 2 Water-type Pokémon. It has a massive 210 HP, making it really hard to remove in battle. Furthermore, it has an impressive Attack stat of 130, meaning it can dispense some major damage.However Poliwrath isn’t all about brute force – it likewise has a solid Defense stat of 80, permitting it to take hits along with dish them out. Plus, its Water typing provides it a benefit over many popular Fire-type Pokémon.So, if you’re looking for a flexible and tough Pokémon to add to your collection, be sure to check out Poliwrath!


What is the maximum HP for a Poliwrath card

You will desire to look for one with an optimum HP of 130 if you are looking for a Poliwrath card with a high HP. This will make sure that your Poliwrath card has the ability to hold up against attacks from even the greatest challengers.


What type of moves does a Poliwrath card have access to

A Poliwrath card has access to a variety of moves, consisting of the ability to learn and use numerous types of attacks. A Poliwrath card may have the following moves offered:-Tackle: A standard physical attack that does relatively low damage.-Body Slam: A more effective physical attack that can trigger paralysis.-Hypnosis: A psychic-type move that can put the opponent to sleep.-Bubblebeam: A water-type move that fires a stream of bubbles at the challenger.-Submission: A wrestling-type relocation that does high damage however also leaves the user vulnerable to counterattacks.


Just how much damage does a Poliwrath card’s Water Weapon attack do

A Poliwrath card’s Water Weapon attack does 30 damage.


What is the effect of a Poliwrath card’s BubbleBeam attack

The impact of a Poliwrath card’s BubbleBeam attack is to deal 40 damage to the opponent’s Active Pokémon.


What other cards are weak to Poliwrath cards

Poliwrath cards are weak to Grass-type cards, as well as Electric-type cards. Some of the very best cards to use against Poliwrath cards are Venusaur cards, Jolteon cards, and Pikachu cards.


What other cards does Poliwrath have an advantage against

Poliwrath is a flexible card that can hold its own against many other cards. There are some cards that Poliwrath has a distinct advantage versus. Poliwrath is able to quickly take down Machamp thanks to its Water typing. Poliwrath is also able to handle Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee with ease, as its Battling type offers it a substantial advantage. Furthermore, Poliwrath’s Psychic typing permits it to take on Alakazam and Espeon with relative ease. Overall, Poliwrath is a force to be considered and has an advantage versus many other cards.


How much energy does it take to utilize a Poliwrath card’s DynamicPunch attack

Assuming you are using a Poliwrath card in the Pokemon Trading Card Video Game, the DynamicPunch attack expenses 50 energy.


If I put a Poliwrath card up against an Electric-type Pokemon

If you put a Poliwrath card up against an Electric-type Pokemon, the Poliwrath will be at a disadvantage. This is since Electric-type Pokemon are resistant to Water-type attacks, and Poliwrath is a Water-type Pokemon.


Can a Poliwrath card utilize its Hydro Pump attack on an opponent’s Benched Pokemon

A Poliwrath card can utilize its Hydro Pump attack on a challenger’s Benched Pokemon. This can be an useful way to damage numerous Pokemon at once, or to round off a weakened Pokemon.