Venusaur EX: The Basics (pokemon venusaur ex card)

Venusaur EX: The Basics

Venusaur-EX is one of the most renowned cards in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. For several years, it has actually been a fan-favorite, and a staple in many decks. It is an enormous card, with a substantial HP stat, and a huge attack. It is likewise a really flexible card, able to handle various functions in a deck. In this article, we will have a look at the fundamentals of Venusaur-EX, and how you can use it to your advantage in your own decks.


What are the stats for Venusaur EX

Venusaur EX is a huge powerhouse of a Pokemon, with an attack stat of 230 and a health stat of 210. This makes Venusaur EX among the most feared cards in any Pokemon TCG deck. With such high stats, it’s no surprise that Venusaur EX is a leading choice for competitive gamers.


What is the weak point for Venusaur EX

Venusaur EX is a very effective card, however it has a few weak points. One of its most significant weaknesses is its Fire Weakness. This indicates that any Fire type Pokemon can deal double the damage to Venusaur EX. Another weak point of Venusaur EX is its Grass type. While this may not appear like a huge deal, it does make Venusaur EX vulnerable to Turf type relocations and Pokemon. Additionally, Venusaur EX has a low HP for a Stage 2 Pokemon. If it takes too much damage, this means that it can be KO ‘d fairly quickly. In General, Venusaur EX is a terrific card, but it does have some weaknesses that gamers should understand.


Just how much HP does Venusaur EX have

Venusaur EX is a double type Grass/Poison Pokemon. It was presented in Generation I and has a base stat overall of 530. Venusaur EX has a base HP of 160.


Does Venusaur EX have any attacks that do more than 100 damage

No, Venusaur EX’s attacks do not deal more than 100 damage. The greatest quantity of damage that any of its attacks can deal is 130.


What is the retreat cost for Venusaur EX

The Venusaur EX Retreat Cost is a cost related to the Pokémon Venusaur EX. When the player retreats their Venusaur EX from the Active Position to the Bench, this expense is paid. The quantity of Energy needed to retreat a Venusaur EX is two (2) Energy Systems.


What type of energy does Venusaur EX need to assault

Venusaur EX needs a lot of energy to attack. It utilizes a great deal of its kept energy to power its attacks. When it has enough energy, it can use its Solar Beam attack to launch an effective blast of sunshine.


What type of Pokemon is Venusaur EX

Venusaur EX is a Grass and Poison type Pokemon. It develops from Ivysaur beginning at level 32. It is the last of Bulbasaur’s evolutionary line.Venusaur EX has a base attack of 150, and a base defense of 140. It is a big Pokemon, standing at 6’7″ tall, and weighing in at 561.5 pounds. Venusaur EX is mostly green, with a brown spotted pattern on its back. It has a long neck, and a little head with red eyes. Its tail is large and round, and it has 3 little leaves on its back.Venusaur EX is a really powerful Pokemon, and can removing even the greatest of enemies. It is very flexible, and can discover a variety of relocations. Venusaur EX is likewise incredibly popular amongst fitness instructors, due to its distinct look and strength.


Is Venusaur EX a fundamental or Stage 2 Pokemon

Venusaur EX is a Phase 2 Pokemon. It develops from Ivysaur, and is the final kind of Bulbasaur. Venusaur EX has the capability Overgrow, which enables it to heal itself when its HP is low. It likewise has the ability Thick Fat, which reduces damage from Fire- and Ice-type attacks. Venusaur EX is a Grass-type Pokemon, and is weak to Flying-, Toxin-, Bug-, and Fire-type attacks.


What set is Venusaur EX from

This Venusaur EX is from the XY Black Star Promos set.


What is the rarity of Venusaur EX

Venusaur EX is a Mega Advancement of Venusaur that was introduced in the Pokémon Trading Card Game during the XY Series. It is a Grass/Poison-type Pokémon and is the last development of Bulbasaur. Venusaur EX is an extremely unusual card, with just a handful of copies in existence. It is highly demanded by collectors and fans of the Pokémon franchise.