How To Catch A Metapod (pokemon metapod card)

How To Catch A Metapod

If you’re trying to find a Metapod, your best choice is to head to the Viridian Forest.


What is a Metapod

A Metapod is a Bug type Pokémon that evolves from Kakuna and into Butterfree. It is recognizable by its tough, green shell. The shell is utilized for defense as the Pokémon can stagnate very much due to its soft body.


What are the attributes of a Metapod

A Metapod is a Bug-type Pokémon. It progresses from Caterpie starting at level 7 and develops into Butterfree starting at level 10.Metapod has a very tough shell. The shell is used for security against predators. It can also be used to keep water and nutrients. Metapod does not have any limbs, so it can not move very well by itself. It counts on its hard shell to secure itself from threat.When Metapod progresses into Butterfree, it gets the capability to fly. This enables it to escape from predators and reach brand-new heights. Butterfree likewise has access to a variety of various relocations, which offers it an advantage in battle.


How does a Metapod progress

There are 2 methods for a Metapod to develop. The first is by reaching a specific level. When a Metapod reaches level 10, it will instantly progress into a Butterfree. The 2nd way is by using an unique product called a Metal Coat. It will evolve into a Steelix if a Metapod is holding a Metal Coat when it levels up.


What moves can a Metapod discover

A Metapod can discover the relocations Harden, String Shot, and Bug Bite.


Where can I discover a Metapod

You can find a Metapod in the Viridian Forest, on Path 2, in Mt. Moon, or in Cerulean Cave.


Is a Metapod unusual

A Metapod is a unusual and fantastic pokemon. They are tough to find and even harder to evolve. However if you are fortunate adequate to find one, they are definitely worth the effort.


What kind of Pokemon is a Metapod

A Metapod is a type of Pokemon that is framed in a hard shell. Due to the fact that it can endure most attacks, it is extremely difficult to beat in battle. Even though it is not very strong, it is a good Pokemon to have on your team due to the fact that it can assist to protect the other Pokemon.


How do you capture a Metapod

To capture a Metapod, you will need to discover one in the wild. Metapods can be found in tall lawn, forests, and near bodies of water. As soon as you have found a Metapod, approach it gradually so as not to scare it away. Toss a Poké Ball at the Metapod when you are close enough. The Metapod will be caught and added to your collection if done correctly!


How much does a Metapod cost

You’ll require to shell out quite a bit of money if you’re looking to buy a Metapod. This Pokémon is rather uncommon, and as such, commands a high price. Expect to pay around $500 for a Metapod.


Can you trade a Metapod

A Metapod can not be traded in Pokémon Sword and Guard.