Kabutops Card Stats, Weaknesses, And Resistances (pokemon kabutops card)

Kabutops Card Stats, Weaknesses, And Resistances

If you’re looking for a strong pokemon card to add to your collection, Kabutops is a terrific option. With high statistics across the board, couple of weaknesses, and plenty of resistances, Kabutops is a versatile pokemon that can hold its own in almost any fight.


What are the stats for a Kabutops card

Kabutops is a Pokà © mon with a rock/water-type. It was presented in Generation I and is known as the “Shellfish Pokà © mon.” Kabutops has a base stat total of 495.


What is the weakness for a Kabutops card

There are a couple of weaknesses for Kabutops cards. One is that they can be easily knocked out by fire-type Pokemon. Another is that they are weak to Rock-type moves. Kabutops cards tend to have low HP, making them easy to take down.


What is the resisted to for a Kabutops card

The withstood for a Kabutops card is the Psychic type. This indicates that it is weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost moves. It is likewise susceptible to being put to sleep by Ghost-type moves.


What is the retreat expense for a Kabutops card

Assuming you are describing the Pokemon card, a Kabutops card currently retails for about $1.50 USD.


What are the attack expenses for a Kabutops card

A Kabutops card costs 2 Energy cards to attack.


What is the HP for a Kabutops card

If you’re a fan of the Pokà © mon Trading Card Video game, then you know that each card has 2 crucial worths: HP and Attack. What does HP stand for, and how is it determined?HP, or hit points, represent the amount of damage a Pokà © mon can take prior to it is knocked out. The higher the HP, the harder the Pokà © mon. TheAttack stat represents the quantity of damage a Pokà © mon can handle its attacks.What is the HP for a Kabutops card? According to the Pokà © dex, Kabutops has 90 HP. This means that it can take rather a beating prior to it goes down!


What develops from a Kabutops card

A Kabutops card can evolve into numerous things. It can be used to progress a Kabutops into a Kabutops EX, or it can be utilized to evolve a Kabutops into a Mega Kabutops. It can likewise be utilized to develop a Kabutops into a Primal Groudon.


What evolves into a Kabutops card

As Kabutops progresses, it becomes more effective and can remove even the greatest of opponents. Its armor-like exoskeleton protects it from most attacks, and its sharp claws can slice through anything in its method. Kabutops is an intense opponent that needs to not be undervalued.


What is the Poke-Power for a Kabutops card

Kabutops has the Poke-Power of Swift Swim. This enables Kabutops to move two times as quick as it typically would in water.


What is the Poke-Body for a Kabutops card

Kabutops’s Poke-Body, Swift Swim, allows it to move twice as fast as normal in rain or water. This makes Kabutops an unsafe challenger in wet conditions, as it can quickly close the distance and release a powerful attack.