What Are The Stats And Value Of Dialga Cards? (pokemon dialga card)

What Are The Stats And Value Of Dialga Cards?

If you’re a fan of the Pokemon Trading Card Video Game, then you know that Dialga cards are extremely desired and valuable. What are the statistics and worth of these cards?


What are the statistics for Dialga

Dialga is a Legendary Pokà © mon that appeared in the Sinnoh-region video games. It is a Steel/Dragon-type Pokà © mon, and is called the “Temporal Pokà © mon”. It is the version mascot for Pokà © mon Diamond, appearing on the boxart. It can be viewed as an equivalent to Palkia, as they are both associated to area and time.Dialga has a base stat overall of 680. It is the greatest base stat total of all Steel-type Pokà © mon, and connected with Tyranitar for the second greatest base stat overall of all Dragon-type Pokà © mon (Mega Salamence has the highest). Dialga’s base stats are very well rounded, giving it no real weakness. Its defensive stats are greater than its offending statistics, meaning it is more suited for a protective role.Dialga can using the unique move Holler of Time, which is also dangerous however incredibly effective to utilize, as it avoids Dialga from attacking on the next turn. Dialga also has access to several other effective relocations, such as Flash Cannon, Dragon Pulse, and Aura Sphere.Overall, Dialga is an extremely flexible Pokà © mon that can be used in a variety of ways. Its high base statistics provide it the potential to be a top-tier competitive Pokà © mon, and its special relocation Holler of Time offers it a specific niche that very few other Pokà © mon can fill.


Just how much does a Dialga card cost

If you’re a fan of the Pokemon trading card game, then you know that Dialga cards can be pretty expensive. In truth, a single Dialga card can cost upwards of $100! That’s a great deal of money for a card, however there are a few things that make Dialga cards so important.For beginners, Dialga is a Famous Pokà © mon, which indicates it’s difficult and exceptionally rare to find. In the Pokà © mon world, Legendaries are the most powerful Pokà © mon around, so owning a Dialga card is a pretty big deal.Dialga cards are merely lovely. The artwork on these cards is incredible, and they’re highly searched for by collectors.Lastly, Dialga cards are just plain effective. In the right deck, a Dialga card can be absolutely devastating to your opponents. Owning a Dialga card is practically a need if you’re looking to win tournaments.How much does a Dialga card expense? It depends upon where you purchase it and what condition it’s in. You can expect to pay anywhere from $60-$100 for a single Dialga card.


Where can I find a Dialga card

The first place to look for a Dialga card would be online merchants that offer trading cards. An easy search engine inquiry ought to expose a variety of results. Another choice would be to look for merchants that concentrate on offering Pokemon cards, as they are most likely to have a few Dialga cards in stock. It might be possible to find a Dialga card at a regional trading card game shop.


What is the rarest Dialga card

The rarest Dialga card is the one from the Secret Marvels set. It has a print run of simply 1,944 cards, making it the rarest of all Dialga cards out there.


What set is the Dialga card from

The Dialga card is from the Platinum set.


The number of Dialga cards exist

There are a total of 14 Dialga cards in the Pokémon Trading Card Video Game. This consists of the initial Dialga from the Diamond & Pearl set, in addition to the 13 Secret Unusual cards from subsequent sets.


What is the worth of a Dialga card

Because it is a effective and extremely uncommon card in the Pokemon Trading Card Game, a Dialga card is worth a lot to me. I have actually only seen a handful of them personally and they generally cost a high rate. I remember when I first began playing the video game, I would see other kids with their Dialga cards and feel so jealous because I didn’t have one. I was constantly on the lookout for one, but they are extremely difficult to find.Eventually, I had the ability to trade for one and it was quickly the very best card in my deck. It was so effective that I would frequently win video games simply by playing it. Even now, years later on, I still get an excitement when I pull out my Dialga card and reveal it off to my friends. It’s a pointer of how far I have actually come as a gamer and how much the game suggests to me.


What is the most expensive Dialga card

The most expensive Dialga card is the “Palkia & Dialga GX Ultra Rare” card, which was released in February 2019. It is presently worth $199.99. This card is part of the “Sun & Moon” set and features the two Legendary Pokemon, Palkia and Dialga, on either side of the card. The card is and has a holographic background thought about to be one of the most beautiful cards ever made.


Are Dialga cards worth anything

If you’re a fan of the Pokemon franchise, then you know that Dialga is among the most effective and rarest creatures in the video game. So it’s no surprise that Dialga cards are highly searched for by collectors. But just how much are they worth?Well, it depends. Like with most collectibles, the value of a Dialga card can vary depending on its condition, rarity, and age. A mint condition, very first edition Dialga card could bring a quite cent, while a battered, typical card probably isn’t worth much.Do some research initially to find out what they’re worth if you’re thinking about selling your Dialga cards. And if you’re simply beginning your collection, pleased hunting!


What does a Dialga card do

The Dialga card is an effective card that can be utilized in the game of Pokemon. This card enables the player to take control of the opponent’s Pokemon, and can also be utilized to attack the challenger’s Pokemon. This card is really flexible and can be used in a range of methods to help the player win the video game.