Latios: The Stats, Cost, Where To Find, And More (latios pokemon card)

Latios: The Stats, Cost, Where To Find, And More

If you’re trying to find a flexible and effective pokemon, look no further than Latios. With an enormous base stat total of 600, Latios can hold its own in any fight. Not to mention, its expense is fairly low for such a strong pokemon. Here’s everything you need to understand about Latios.


What are the statistics for Latios

Latios is a dual-type Dragon/Psychic Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It is not understood to evolve into or from any other Pokémon. It can Mega Evolve into Mega Latios using the Latiosite. Along with Latias, it is a guardian deity of Alto Mare. It can fly faster than the speed of sound, making a sonic boom.Latios has a slender, white body with blue stripes diminishing its sides. On the back of its long neck are two red areas, and it has a red ruff around its neck. It has long, pointed blue wings with red pointers and a single blue tail plume. Its head is reasonably small compared to its body, and it has blue eyes and a short, connected beak. There are 2 red rings around each of its legs just above the feet.Latios is extremely intelligent and can understand human speech. It is capable of telepathy, which it uses to interact with Latias. It likewise has the capability to see into the future. When it senses risk, it decreases its head and charges at complete speed to leave risk. When essential, it is likewise able to make itself undetectable to enemies.Latios is mild by nature and will not attack people unless provoked. However, it will fiercely safeguard those it looks after from harm. In the anime, Ash Ketchum and his good friends fulfilled a Latios that had actually lost its memory; however, it eventually restored its memories and went back to Alto Mare.Statistics:HP: 80Attack: 90Defense: 80Sp. Atk: 130Sp. Def: 110Speed: 110


How much does a Latios card cost

If you’re a fan of the Pokemon Trading Card Video Game, then you’re most likely knowledgeable about Latios cards. They’re a few of the most popular cards in the game, and as such, they can be quite expensive. Here’s a take a look at how much Latios cards can cost, and why they’re so popular amongst collectors and gamers.Latios cards are typically priced around $15-$20 each. Rates can differ depending on the particular card and its rarity. A rare Latios card might cost upwards of $50.Latios cards are popular for a couple of factors. They’re effective cards that can be utilized to produce strong decks. They’re quite unusual, which makes them important to collectors. And last but not least, they look terrific! The dynamic colors and cool styles of Latios cards make them stick out from other cards in the video game.Be prepared to pay a bit of a premium if you’re looking to add Latios cards to your collection or deck. The power and beauty of these cards is well worth the price!


Where can I find a Latios card

There are a few places you can discover a Latios card. The top place you can check is your regional card store. They will more than likely have a few different options for you to select from. Another location you can look is online retailers such as Amazon or Ebay. Finally, you can also check online forums and message boards to see if anybody is selling or trading their Latios card.


What is the rarest Latios card

The rarest Latios card is the Shiny Latios card. This card is unique due to the fact that it is the just one of its kind. It was released in 2003 and is extremely sought after by collectors.


What set is the Latios card from

Latios is a dual-type Dragon/Psychic Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It is not known to progress into or from any other Pokémon. Together with Latias, it belongs to the Eon Duo. It is often thought about to be the counterpart of Latias.Latios has a white body with blue stripes diminishing its sides. On the back of its head are 2 blue fins, and it has a red horn on its forehead. Its underbelly is also red, and it has a long thin tail. It has two thin wings on its back that permit it to fly. When folding its wings, Latios handles the look of an airplane. This Pokémon is extremely agile and can fly faster than the speed of noise. When flying at leading speed, it leaves a sonic boom in its wake.Latios is a very smart Pokémon. When people approach it, it can comprehend human speech and frequently hides itself. It is very devoted to its trainer and will do anything to safeguard them. Nevertheless, it will just reveal itself to those it trusts.Latios’s heart-shaped soul can be seen when it flies. This soul grants Latios the power to see into the future and understand all languages.Latios is an uncommon Pokémon that is seldom seen by people. In the past, it was hunted by people due to the fact that of its powers. As an outcome, Latios has a deep mistrust of people.


What is the art work on the Latios card

The art work on the Latios card is by Japanese artist Satoshi Tajiri. It depicts Latios in a flying pose, with its blue body and red wings shining in the sun. The background is a gradient of blue and white, representing the sky.This artwork is both comprehensive and lovely, perfectly catching the essence of Latios. It’s no wonder that this card is so popular amongst collectors!


What capabilities does Latios have

Latios is a extremely effective and flexible Pokémon. Its most notable ability is Levitate, which allows it to fly and avoid ground-based attacks. It likewise has access to a wide range of effective relocations, including the Psychic-type relocation Calm Mind, which can improve its already considerable Special Attack and Special Defense. Latios is also among the few Pokémon that can find out the Dragon-type relocation Draco Meteor, making it a really hazardous challenger.


Does Latios have any weaknesses

Latios is a famous Dragon and Psychic type Pokémon. It is said to be able to comprehend human speech, and is extremely smart. In spite of its unbelievable power, Latios does have some weaknesses. These include its vulnerability to Bug, Ghost, and Dark type relocations, along with being weak to the relocations Earthquake and Ice Beam. Furthermore, Latios is susceptible to status results such as paralysis and burn. Its high speed and unique attack statistics make it a formidable opponent in fight.


Exists a foil variation of the Latios card

No, there is not a foil version of the Latios card.


What attacks can Latios utilize

Latios can use a range of attacks, including Psychic, Dragon Breath, Zen Headbutt, and Appeal Purge.