Horsea Pokemon Card: Stats, Price, Rarity, And More (horsea pokemon card)

Horsea Pokemon Card: Stats, Price, Rarity, And More

Horsea is a versatile Pokemon that can hold its own in battle. It’s an uncommon find, but it deserves the cost for any Pokemon fan.


Just how much does a Horsea Pokemon card expense

Horsea are among the prettiest and most popular Pokemon around, so it’s not a surprise that their cards are highly sought after by collectors. A Horsea card can cost anywhere from a couple of dollars to hundreds, depending upon its rarity and condition. The most pricey Horsea card ever offered was a first edition Holo card for $1,000! If you’re looking to include a Horsea card to your collection, be prepared to pay a quite cent.


Where can I discover a Horsea Pokemon card

The best location to inspect is your regional card store if you’re looking for a Horsea Pokemon card. If they do not have any in stock, you can likewise try looking online. There are many websites that offer Pokemon cards, and you should be able to find a Horsea card without too much difficulty. Bear in mind that rates can vary depending on the seller, so it’s constantly a great idea to compare rates prior to purchasing.


What are the stats of a Horsea Pokemon card

A Horsea Pokemon card has the following stats: HP – 60, Attack – 40, Defense – 70, Special Attack – 80, Unique Defense – 130. This card is weak to Yard and Electric type Pokemon.


How rare is a Horsea Pokemon card

Horsea is a water type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It develops into Seadra beginning at level 32. It is one of the many offered Pokémon in the very first generation. As a water type, Horsea is weak to Electric and Grass relocations.Horsea cards are not especially rare, however can be difficult to find in good condition due to their small size and fragility. PSA 10 gem mint copies of the first edition Horsea card from the Base Set have actually been costing around $200-$ 400 over the last few years.


What set is a Horsea Pokemon card from

A Horsea Pokemon card is from the Black and White growth of the Pokemon Trading Card Video Game. The Black and White growth introduces brand-new Pokemon, capabilities, and game mechanics, in addition to brand-new cards for existing Pokemon. Horsea is a water-type Pokemon, which implies it is weak to grass-type Pokemon and strong versus fire-type Pokemon.


What type of Pokemon is Horsea

Horsea is a little, blue Pokémon with a long snout and a fin on its back. Its eyes have yellow sclera and black pupils. There is a white ring around its neck. Its fins have actually pointed suggestions, and there are two on its back and one on its forehead. It has a long, thin tail with a small fluke.Horsea are capable of spraying ink from their mouth to blind predators. They live in the sea and can shoot water from their mouths to safeguard themselves from predators.


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The number of Hit Points (HP) does a Horsea Pokemon have

A Horsea Pokemon generally has about 20-30 Struck Points. This can differ depending on the level and individualHorsea. A higher level Horsea will have more Hit Points, while a lower level one will have less.


What attacks can a Horsea Pokemon utilize

Horsea Pokemon have the ability to utilize a range of different attacks, depending on their level and type. Some of the more common attacks include:-Tackle: A standard attack that deals damage to the target.-Bubblebeam: A water type attack that fires a stream of bubbles at the target.-Smokescreen: A move that decreases the target’s precision.-Dragonbreath: An effective dragon type attack that can cause paralysis.


What weak point does a Horsea Pokemon have

A Horsea Pokemon’s main weakness is its low defense. This makes it vulnerable to attacks from more powerful Pokemon. In addition, Horsea are weak to Electric and Grass-type moves.