Honedge’s Stats, Type, Weight, Height, And Abilities (honedge pokemon card)

Honedge’s Stats, Type, Weight, Height, And Abilities

Although Honedge may not be the most popular Pokémon, it definitely has some outstanding statistics. For beginners, Honedge is a Steel and Ghost type Pokémon, which provides it a distinct set of weaknesses and resistances. Honedge also has a base stat total of 325, which is absolutely nothing to scoff at. And lastly, Honedge’s weight and height are both 3’11”, making it a relatively average-sized Pokémon.


What are the stats for Honedge

Honedge, the Blade Pokémon. Honedge is a Steel/Ghost type Pokémon. It is known as the Sword Pokémon. Honedge has a body and blade composed of blue steel. A red eye embedded in its black hilt stares back at challengers. It discharges a spooky wail when it brandishes its steel sword.


What is Honedge’s type

Honedge is a Steel/Ghost type Pokémon. It is the pre-evolved form of Doublade. Honedge is a blue, sword-like Pokémon with a black sheath. The blade of Honedge is black and has a single red eye in the. When Honedge’s black blade is extended, it exposes a second red eye on the back of the blade. Honedge has two small, black legs with red feet. Its body is mainly black, other than for a little, red band near the base of the blade.Honedge is a really uncommon Pokémon that is said to be developed by a ghost. It is extremely devoted to its trainer and will not think twice to safeguard them. Honedge is a really effective Pokémon and can utilize its steel type to deflect attacks. It can also utilize its ghost type to stage through objects and prevent being hit.


Just how much does Honedge weigh

Honedge is a dual-type Steel/Ghost Pokémon presented in Generation VI. It is one of the couple of Pokémon that can be found with either its main body or soul exposed. Honedge is a sentient Pokémon, able to speak human language. In spite of being a living weapon, Honedge appears to be rather emotional, frequently expressing pleasure, sadness, and anger.As a Steel/Ghost type, Honedge is among the heaviest Pokémon, with a weight of about 33.5 kg (73.9 pounds). This makes it much heavier than many other Ghost type Pokémon, such as Gengar and Banette. Its weight is still average for a Steel type Pokémon.


What is the height of Honedge

Honedge is a dual-type Steel/Ghost Pokémon introduced in Generation VI. It develops into Doublade beginning at level 35, which evolves into Aegislash when exposed to a Dusk Stone. Honedge is a gray sword Pokémon with a black sheath and hilt. The blade is white with a blue stripe down the middle and a rounded pointer. There is a little, blue gem on the hilt. Honedge has 2 black, cape-like arms with gold stripes running down them. It has 2 shiners with yellow centers inside a crescent-shaped area on its head.Honedge stands at 2’07” and weighs 23.1 lbs.


Is Honedge a Legendary Pokemon

Yes, Honedge is a Legendary Pokemon. It is a Steel/Ghost type Pokemon, and is the very first in the new Kalos region’s Legendary trio. Honedge is referred to as the “Sword of Justice”, and is stated to have a spirit residing inside of its blade. This Pokemon is really uncommon, and can only be found in certain parts of the world.


What is Honedge’s Ability

Honedge’s ability is called No Guard. This capability avoids relocations from missing, despite the accuracy of the relocation. This implies that moves like Surf or Earthquake will never ever miss out on when utilized by a Honedge.


What is Honedge’s Hidden Capability

Honedge’s hidden ability is called Shadow Shield. When Honedge is struck by an attack, Shadow Shield will decrease the damage taken by 50%. This is an excellent ability for Honedge, as it enables it to take less damage from attacks.


Where can Honedge be discovered in the wild

Honedge are discovered in the wild in the forests of Central and South America. They are likewise found in the deserts of Africa and the Middle East.


What is the development chain for Honedge

Honedge is a dual-type Steel/Ghost Pokémon. It progresses into Doublade starting at level 35, which develops into Aegislash when exposed to a Dusk Stone.


Can Honedge breed

Honedge is a Steel/Ghost type Pokemon. It develops into Doublade starting at level 35, which then can evolve into Aegislash.