Hitmonlee Pokemon Card Stats, Type, Evolution, Rarity, And Set (hitmonlee pokemon card)

Hitmonlee Pokemon Card Stats, Type, Evolution, Rarity, And Set

Looking to add a little extra zest to your Pokemon card collection? Then you require a Hitmonlee! This effective creature boasts a remarkable variety of stats, making it a valuable addition to any deck. Plus, its unique type and evolution make it a unusual and coveted card. Here’s whatever you need to know about the Hitmonlee Pokemon card.


What are the stats for Hitmonlee

Hitmonlee is a Fighting-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I.It has a brown body with tan limbs. On its head are 3 red bumps, and it has a long tail.Hitmonlee is understood for its powerful kicks, which it delivers with exact timing. It can also spin around quickly to provide a series of kicks. This Pokémon chooses to eliminate hand-to-hand instead of using projectile attacks.Hitmonlee’s base stats are:* HP: 50* Attack: 120* Defense: 53* Unique Attack: 35* Special Defense: 110* Speed: 87


What kind of Pokemon is Hitmonlee

There are various types of Pokémon, but one of the most distinct is Hitmonlee. This Fighting-type Pokémon is known for its exceptionally effective kicks, which can send opponents flying. It’s likewise incredibly quick and agile, making it a tough opponent to take down.


How does Hitmonlee develop

Hitmonlee progresses from Tyrogue starting at level 20. Tyrogue can progress into either Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, or Hitmontop, depending upon its highest stat. If Attack is Tyrogue’s greatest stat, it will evolve into Hitmonlee.


Where can I find a Hitmonlee Pokemon card

The best place to start is your local video game store if you’re looking for a Hitmonlee Pokemon card. You can examine online retailers or auction sites.


How much does a Hitmonlee Pokemon card expense

A Hitmonlee Pokemon card can cost anywhere from $0.50 to $10, depending upon the condition of the card and where it is being offered.


What is the rarity of Hitmonlee Pokemon cards

One of the rarest Hitmonlee Pokemon cards is the advertising card that was given out at the launch occasion for the Pokemon Trading Card Game in Japan. This card is incredibly rare and difficult to discover, making it one of the most sought after cards for collectors. Other uncommon Hitmonlee cards consist of those from the Team Rocket, Fitness Center Challenge, and Expedition sets. These cards are all fairly difficult to discover, however can be obtained with some perseverance and effort.


What set is the Hitmonlee Pokemon card from

The Hitmonlee Pokemon card is from the Unbroken Bonds set. This set is special to me since it was the first set that I ever gathered. I keep in mind opening the booster packs and being so excited to see what brand-new cards I would get. I would put over the cards, looking at all of the different artwork and reading the card text. Since of its distinct style, I was particularly drawn to the Hitmonlee card. The card includes a blue and white Hitmonlee, which is an uncommon color for this type of Pokemon. The card also has the capability “Sheer Force,” which allows it to do more damage when using moves that have a secondary result. This makes the Hitmonlee card an effective addition to any deck.


What is the hit points for a Hitmonlee Pokemon card

There are a variety of Hitmonlee Pokemon cards, and the hit points can differ depending on the card. However, most Hitmonlee cards have a hit point worth between 60 and 70. This makes them fairly durable cards, which is excellent given that they are often utilized in battle.


What are the weak points of a Hitmonlee Pokemon card

There are a couple of weaknesses of the Hitmonlee Pokemon card that gamers need to know. For one, its low HP implies that it can be easily taken down by stronger cards. Additionally, its absence of speed can be a problem when trying to remove faster challengers.


Does a Hitmonlee Pokemon card have any resistances

Yes, a Hitmonlee Pokemon card has two resistances. These are to fighting type relocations and psychic type moves.