The Gorochu Pokemon Card (gorochu pokemon card)

The Gorochu Pokemon Card

Do you keep in mind the Gorochu Pokemon card? If you were a fan of the Pokemon trading card video game in the 1990s, then you most likely owned one. Gorochu was among the rarest and most powerful cards in the game, and it was likewise one of the most costly. You were most likely jealous of those who did if you didn’t own a Gorochu card.Today, Gorochu cards are still highly popular by collectors and fans of the Pokemon trading card game. If you’re fortunate adequate to own one, then you need to cherish it, since it’s a real piece of Pokemon history.


What is the Gorochu Pokemon card

Gorochu is a dual-type Electric/Fire Pokémon card. It is among the XY Black Star Promos.Gorochu has two attacks. The first attack, “Lightning arrester”, does 30 damage to among your challenger’s Benched Pokémon. The second attack, “Stampede”, does 60 damage to one of your challenger’s Pokémon that has actually any Energy connected to it.


What are the stats of the Gorochu Pokemon card

The Gorochu card is an effective Pokemon that can easily remove its opponents. It has an attack power of 130 and a health of 120, making it a force to be reckoned with. In addition, it has a resistance to psychic-type attacks, implying that it can take less damage from those kinds of attacks.


What type of Pokemon is Gorochu

Gorochu is a dual-type Electric/Fire Pokémon. It progresses from Pikachu when exposed to a Thunder Stone. Gorochu has a black body with yellow stripes diminishing its back and sides. It has a long, thin tail that ends in a lightning bolt-shaped tip. On its back are 2 big, red pouches. Gorochu has a short, stubby snout with red circles on its cheeks. Its limbs are muscular and thick, and each foot has three toes.Gorochu is a very effective Pokémon, able to shoot huge bolts of electricity from its pouches. These bolts are strong enough to trigger serious damage to even the toughest of opponents. Gorochu is also capable of creating extreme heat waves by using the fire in its pouches. This makes it a really unsafe opponent in battle.


Just how much HP does Gorochu have

Gorochu is a dual-type Electric/Fire Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It has two long, spiky “horns” on its head, which are really its ears. Gorochu’s back is black, and it has a yellow stomach. It has a long tail with a black zigzag pattern near the idea. As seen in the anime, when it snaps, its tail triggers with electrical energy.


What attacks can Gorochu utilize

Gorochu is a dual-type Electric/Fire Pokémon. When exposed to a Thunder Stone, it develops from Pichu. Gorochu has two possible kinds, which it changes in between depending upon the time of day.Gorochu’s attacks consist of:Thunderbolt: An effective Electric-type attack that can cause paralysis.Weapon: A powerful Fire-type attack that can trigger burns.Thunder Wave: An immobilizing Electric-type attack.Shock Wave: A strong Electric-type attack.


What is the weakness of Gorochu

Gorochu is a Pokémon that has a great deal of capacity, however it also has a couple of powerlessness. One of its biggest weak points is its lack of speed. Gorochu is not the fastest Pokémon around, and this can be an issue when facing quicker challengers. Another weakness of Gorochu is its fairly low defense. While its defense is not terrible, it is not as high as some other Pokémon, which can make it much easier for challengers to take it down.


What is the retreat cost of Gorochu

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Is Gorochu a standard or phase 1 Pokemon

Gorochu is an electric-type Pokémon that progresses from Pikachu. It is known as the Lightning Pokémon. Gorochu has two possible formes, which it can change between by using the move Volt Change. In its Standard Forme, Gorochu is a little, chubby rodent Pokémon with orange fur and black stripes. It has a big head with pointed ears, red eyes, and a little mouth. Its belly is white, and it has a long tail with a lightning bolt-shaped idea. In its Phase 1 Forme, Gorochu is bigger and thinner, with blue fur and yellow stripes. It has a longer head and tail, and its ears are now pointed in reverse. Its eyes are also blue, and it has a big mouth with sharp teeth.


What set is the Gorochu Pokemon card from

The Gorochu Pokemon card is from the Base Set 2, which was launched in the United States in March 1999. This set consists of 102 cards, that include the very first appearance of Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle as well as the very first growth of Johto region Pokemon.


Just how much does the Gorochu Pokemon card expense

According to eBay, as of July 2020, the Gorochu Pokemon card expense anywhere from $25 to $100. The card is considered unusual, so the price may continue to increase.