Gogoat Pokémon Card Statistics (gogoat pokemon card)

Gogoat Pokémon Card Statistics

Goats are typically ignored as Pok mon, however the Gogoat card is a powerful addition to any collection. With high HP and an attack that can take down most opponents, Gogoat is a force to be considered.


What are the stats for a Gogoat pokemon card

Gogoat is a dual-type Grass/Ground Pokémon introduced in Generation VI. It develops from Skiddo beginning at level 32.Gogoat is a large, quadrupedal Pokémon looking like a goat. It is mainly green with a brown back and horns. On its head are 2 small, red eyes, and its face is black around the eyes. 2 tufts of brown fur extend from its chin, and there are black markings around its hooves. It has a long, black tail with a yellow stripe running down the middle.Gogoat has high physical strength, enough to uproot trees and crush stones. It can carry people on its back, and will do so gladly if it likes them. This Pokémon is really calm, however will increasingly safeguard its territory if necessary. It lives in mountainous areas.Base stats:HP: 123Attack: 100Defense: 62Sp. Atk: 97Sp. Def: 81Speed: 68Total: 531


What is the Gogoat pokemon card’s evolution

Gogoat is the fully-evolved form of Skiddo. It is a big, quadrupedal goat Pokémon. It has a brown coat with a beige underbelly, and a long, black tail. It has small, triangular eyes, and its ears are rounded and black. On its back are 2 tufts of black hair, and it has a single horn on its forehead.Gogoat is a mild Pokémon that is simple to get along with. It is likewise extremely intelligent, and can interact with humans. It is known to be really useful, and will often assist individuals with their chores.Gogoat has the ability to use its horns to notice the emotions of other Pokémon. It is also able to change the temperature level of its body at will, making it comfortable in any environment.Gogoat is a popular Pokémon for riding, as it is extremely sturdy and can bring a lot of weight. It is also used in many sports competitions, due to its speed and agility.


What kind of pokemon is Gogoat

Gogoat is a big, goat-like Pokémon. It is covered in thick, shaggy fur which is black on the back and brown on the front. It has a long, black tail and a pair of black horns. It has four little hooves, each with 2 toes.Gogoat is a Grass-type Pokémon. It is understood for its calm and docile nature. It is also really strong and can quickly carry a human on its back. Gogoat is frequently used as a mode of transport in the Kalos area.


How much damage does Gogoat do

Gogoat is a dual-type Grass/Ground Pokémon. It is the development of Skiddo.Gogoat is a large Pokémon, standing at about 6′ 7″ and weighing in at around 450 pounds. It is covered in shaggy, dark brown fur, with a lighter brown underbelly. It has a long neck and little head, with 2 big horns protruding from the top of its head. Its eyes are green, and it has a little black nose. It has 4 thin legs, each ending in a hoof.Gogoat is a mild Pokémon, however can be intense if it or its Trainer is threatened. It has the ability to interact with its Fitness instructor via telepathy, and will follow any commands it is offered. Gogoat is really faithful, and has been known to safeguard its Trainer even at the cost of its own life.Gogoat’s primary attack is Take Down, which includes it charging at a challenger and slamming into them. This attack is effective, but leaves Gogoat susceptible to counterattacks.


What is the weakness of Gogoat

Gogoat’s primary weakness is its low Speed stat, which leaves it outsped by numerous common opponents. In addition, Gogoat is weak to Flying-, Psychic-, and Ice-type attacks.


Just how much HP does Gogoat have

Gogoat is a big, bipedal Pokémon with shaggy, brown fur. It has red eyes, a black nose, and horns on its head. On its back are green leaves. Its feet have 2 toes each.Gogoat is very friendly, and is understood to permit children to ride on its back. It is a mild Pokémon, however can be fierce if it or its fitness instructor is threatened.Gogoat has extremely high HP for a non-legendary Pokémon. Its base HP is 123, which is greater than a lot of other Pokémon of its size.


What attack does Gogoat have

Gogoat is a Grass-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VI. It is the advancement of Skiddo.Gogoat has the capability Sap Sipper, which enables it to recover itself when it enters into contact with yard. It likewise has the capability Lawn Pelt, which increases its Defense stat when there is a Pokemon with the Turf type on the field.Gogoat’s signature relocation is Horn Leech, which saps the challenger’s health and heals Gogoat at the exact same time. It can also find out a variety of other moves, including Earthquake, Rock Slide, and Surf.Overall, Gogoat is a versatile and powerful Pokémon that can hold its own in fight.


What is the retreat expense of Gogoat

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Is Gogoat an unusual pokemon card

No, Gogoat is not an uncommon pokemon card. Gogoat is one of the most typical pokemon cards in circulation. The large majority of Gogoat cards are worth less than a dollar, and the few that are worth more than that are still thought about to be relatively common.


What set is Gogoat from

Gogoat is a dual-type Grass/Ground Pokémon introduced in Generation VI. It is the progressed type of Skiddo and is the final stage of its evolutionary line. It can be ridden by human beings in the exact same method as a horse. Gogoat has large horns on its head and a long, furry tail. It is a gentle Pokémon that is understood to reside in mountainous locations.