Dewgong Pokemon Card Statistics (dewgong pokemon card)

Dewgong Pokemon Card Statistics

Dewgong is a fan-favorite Pokemon, and its card is no different! Here are some impressive data about the Dewgong card that will make you wish to include it to your collection.


What are the statistics for a Dewgong Pokemon card

A Dewgong Pokemon card is a water and ice-type Pokemon card. It was first presented in the Base Set 2 of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. The card’s artwork includes a big, white Dewgong swimming through the ocean with its long, orange tongue hanging out.Dewgong is a Phase 1 Pokemon card. It evolves from Horsea and can develop into Kingdra.Dewgong has two attacks: Browse and Ice Beam. Browse does 20 damage to one of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon. Ice Beam does 10 damage to one of your challenger’s Active Pokemon and also incapacitates that Pokemon.Dewgong has 80 HP. That’s respectable for a non-evolved Pokemon. Dewgong is weak to Fighting, Grass, and Rock type Pokemon. It is resistant to Fire, Steel, Water, and Psychic type Pokemon.


What is the optimum HP for a Dewgong Pokemon card

Dewgong is a dual-type Water/Ice Pokémon. It was presented in Generation I. Dewgong has a white fur coat covering its entire body except for its face, which is black. Its head is spherical and large with little, paddle-like ears and two tusks extending from its lower jaw. Dewgong’s eyes are red with white students. Its body is thick and torpedo-shaped, and it has 2 flippers.Dewgong can swim strongly through icy waters at a speed of approximately 25 miles per hour (40 kilometers per hour). It wanders onto the coast and sleeps in the snow when it needs to rest. It utilizes its long, versatile tail to collect snow and build itself a snowdrift to oversleep. If its temperature drops too low, it will end up being frozen strong. If it is warmed up slowly, it will restore without any ill effects.Dewgong can have a maximum HP of 170.


What kind of Pokemon is Dewgong

Dewgong is a kind of Pokemon that is a water and ice type. It is known for its long body, which is covered in white fur. Its tail is also very long, and it has a small head with blue eyes. Dewgong is an extremely powerful Pokemon, and it can learn a variety of moves.


What is the weak point of a Dewgong Pokemon card

Among the weaknesses of a Dewgong Pokemon card is that it is weak to Rock type relocations. Another weakness is that it is prone to being frozen by Ice type moves.


Just how much damage does a Dewgong Pokemon card do

Dewgong is a dual-type Water/Ice Pokémon. It evolves from Seel beginning at level 34. Dewgong has a white fur coat covering its entire body other than for its face, which is black. It also has a big, round, pink nose and two little tusks extending from the sides of its mouth. Its eyes are blue with white pupils and no visible sclera. Two long streamers of white fur extend from the back of its head and end in a curled idea. Its flippers are white on the within and black on the outside with 3 webbed digits. Its tail is thick, long, and white with a curled tip.Dewgong is a friendly Pokémon that resides in cold waters. It can dive to a depth of over 600 feet (180 meters) and can remain submerged for practically half an hour. It utilizes its long tail and flippers to swim with dignity through the water. When it dives, it covers its long body around rocks to rest. When it is wounded, it retires into caves where it wanders off to sleep on beds of seaweed. It has actually been understood to combat viciously to secure its young. In Alola, Dewgong is looked for its fur, which is utilized to make winter season clothes.Dewgong’s Base statistics are 90 HP, 70 Attack, 80 Defense, 70 Special Attack, 95 Unique Defense, and 70 Speed.


What abilities does a Dewgong Pokemon card have

Presuming you are speaking about the Pokemon card game, Dewgong cards have a variety of abilities depending upon the set. However, some common ones are:- Tidal bore: This ability allows Dewgong to do 20 more damage to the opponent’s active Pokemon when it attacks.- Aqua Jet: This capability permits Dewgong to assault initially even if it is not the very first Pokemon in play.- Ice Barrier: This capability safeguards Dewgong from damage from unique energy cards used by the opponent.


What attacks can a Dewgong Pokemon card carry out

Among the most popular cards in the Pokemon Trading Card Game is Dewgong, a water and ice-type Pokemon. Dewgong has a range of attacks that can be utilized in fight, making it a versatile and effective card. Here are some of the attacks that Dewgong can carry out:Ice Beam: Dewgong can fire a freezing beam of energy that can freeze opponents solid. This attack is especially effective against fire-type Pokemon.Aurora Beam: Dewgong can fire a rainbow-colored beam of energy that can decrease the attack power of opponents. This attack is especially reliable against dark-type Pokemon.Rest: Dewgong can fall asleep to gain back health and energy. This attack is especially reliable versus Pokemon that rely on physical attacks.Aqua Jet: Dewgong can move itself through the water at high speeds, ramming into opponents and dealing damage. This attack is specifically efficient versus pokemon that are slow or weak to water-type attacks.Dewgong is a flexible and effective card that can hold its own in fight. With a variety of attacks at its disposal, Dewgong makes sure to be a preferred amongst Pokemon fans.


What energy does a Dewgong Pokemon card need to use its attacks

Dewgong is a dual-type Water/Ice Pokémon presented in Generation I. It develops from Squirtle beginning at level 16 and into Blastoise beginning at level 36. In Alola, Dewgong evolves from Lapras when exposed to a Ice Stone.Dewgong has a white body with a snow-white fur cape around its neck and shiners. Its head is round with a somewhat pointed mouth and 2 small tusks extending from the lower jaw. It has flipper-like limbs and a long, tapering tail.When resting, Dewgong drifts in the water with simply its head and tail noticeable. It can dive to depths of nearly 3,000 feet (900 meters) and remain underwater for around half an hour before it requires to emerge again. It is said that this Pokémon’s large tail stores fat, which offers buoyancy so it can drift easily in the water even while sleeping.


What set is a Dewgong Pokemon card from

The set a Dewgong Pokemon card is from is the Johto Legends growth. This set includes some of the most powerful and renowned cards in the Pokemon Trading Card Game, and Dewgong is one of the stars. The Johto Legends set was launched in 2000, and it is still going strong today.


Does a Dewgong Pokemon card have any unique conditions

The Dewgong Pokemon card does not have any unique conditions.