What Are The Stats For A Butterfree Pokemon Card? (butterfree pokemon card)

What Are The Stats For A Butterfree Pokemon Card?

If you’re a fan of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, then you know that Butterfree is a popular choice amongst gamers. What are the statistics for a Butterfree Pokemon card?


What are the statistics of a Butterfree Pokemon card

Butterfree is among the most popular and easily identifiable Pokemon. Its big wings make it a fast and agile flier, which is perfect for escaping from predators or chasing down victim. Butterfree’s mild nature also makes it a preferred among fitness instructors.While its mild nature might make it look like a simple target, Butterfree is actually a pokemon with a great deal of hidden power. Its wings are strong enough to raise it into the air for extended periods of time, and its toxin sting can be lethal to smaller sized pokemon.If you’re trying to find a pokemon that is both mild and effective, then Butterfree is the perfect option.


What is the weakness of a Butterfree Pokemon card

There are a few crucial weak point of Butterfree Pokemon cards that hold it back from being a really fantastic card. Firstly, its low HP indicates that it can be easily taken down by stronger cards. Its Psychic type attack is just reliable versus a handful of Pokemon types, making it less versatile than other cards. Its wings make it vulnerable to wind-based attacks, which can quickly interrupt its flight and send it crashing to the ground.


What is the resistance of a Butterfree Pokemon card

The resistance of a Butterfree Pokemon card is the quantity of damage that it can take in the past being knocked out. The higher the resistance, the more damage the card can take. The resistance of a Butterfree Pokemon card is two. This suggests that it can take 2 points of damage before being knocked out.


What is the retreat cost of a Butterfree Pokemon card

The Butterfree Pokemon card has a retreat expense of one energy.


What is the pokedex variety of a Butterfree Pokemon card

Butterfree is a dual-type Bug/Flying Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Metapod starting at level 10. It is the final kind of Caterpie. Butterfree has 2 big, blue eyes and a small black antenna with a magenta bulb on the end. Its 2 pairs of wings are white with black spots. The woman has smaller areas and is general paler than the male. Its body is black with yellow stripes diminishing its sides.The pokedex number of a Butterfree Pokemon card is 001.


What attacks can a Butterfree Pokemon card use

Butterfree is a flexible Pokemon card that can utilize a variety of various attacks. Its most common attack is Sleep Powder, which can put a challenger Pokemon to sleep. Butterfree can also utilize Confusion, which can confuse a challenger Pokemon and make it harder for them to attack. Furthermore, Butterfree can utilize Gust to knock away opponent Pokemon cards, as well as Poison Powder to poison a challenger Pokemon. All of these attacks make Butterfree a harmful Pokemon card to battle versus.


How much damage does a Butterfree Pokemon card do

A Butterfree Pokemon card does a lot of damage! It’s an effective card that can take down even the greatest opponents. You’re sure to win when you play this card!


How many struck points does a Butterfree Pokemon card have

A Butterfree Pokemon card generally has 60 hit points. There are some variations of the card that have up to 70 hit points. The greater the hit points, the more powerful the card is.


What expansion set is a Butterfree Pokemon card from

The expansion set that a Butterfree Pokemon card is from can be determined by the number on the card. The number will be either 1.162/ 1.64 or 1.40/ 2, which corresponds to the XY or Black Star Promos growth sets, respectively.


Where can I discover a Butterfree Pokemon card for sale

There are a few places you can check if you are looking to buy a Butterfree Pokemon card. Initially, attempt looking online at sites like eBay or Amazon. You can likewise inspect brick-and-mortar shops that sell trading cards, such as hobby stores or video game stores. You can attempt contacting a dealer or collector who specializes in Pokemon cards. With a bit of browsing, you should be able to discover a Butterfree card for sale.