Bellsprout Pokemon Card: Stats, Evolution, Attacks, Value & More (bellsprout pokemon card)

Bellsprout Pokemon Card: Stats, Evolution, Attacks, Value & More

If you’re a fan of the Pokemon franchise, then you’re probably familiar with Bellsprout. This little plant Pokemon is a fan-favorite, and its card is coveted by lots of collectors. What makes Bellsprout so unique? Here’s a look at its stats, evolution, attacks, and value.


What are the stats for a Bellsprout Pokemon card

Trying to find the stats of a Bellsprout Pokemon card? Here they are! This Grass/Poison-type Pokemon is weak to Fire, Flying, Ice, and Psychic-type attacks, but is resistant to Dark, Turf, and Water-type relocations. With a base HP of 50, it has good staying power. Its Attack and Unique Attack are both fairly low at 40 each, however its Unique Defense is a bit greater at 60. Speed-wise, it’s not too shabby either, sitting at 70. All in all, it’s not the strongest Pokemon around, however it can hold its own in fight.


What is the development of a Bellsprout

Bellsprout is a little, plant-like Pokémon that has a yellow body and round head. Its root-like feet are brown and its thin arms are green. It has a small mouth with 2 teeth. Bellsprout’s eyes are beady and black.Bellsprout progresses into Weepinbell beginning at level 21. Weepinbell looks comparable to Bellsprout, however it is bigger and has sharper teeth. Its arms are now leafy and it has lost its feet. Instead, it has a large, pinkish-red flower on its back.Weepinbell progresses into Victreebel beginning at level 30. Victreebel is much larger than both Bellsprout and Weepinbell. It is primarily green with a yellow tummy. Its arms are now long and leafy, and it has a big, red mouth with sharp teeth. Victreebel likewise has a long, pink tongue. On its back is a big, yellow flower with red petals.


What attacks can a Bellsprout carry out

Bellsprout is a small, plant-like Pokémon that is generally found near water. It has a little head with large eyes and a small mouth. Its body is thin and green, and it has two little leaves on its back. Bellsprout can attack by extending its neck and biting with its little mouth. It can also assault by shooting a stream of water from its mouth at its challenger.


Just how much damage does a Bellsprout’s Vine Whip do

Bellsprout’s Vine Whip does 2 damage.


What type of Pokemon is a Bellsprout

Bellsprout is a dual-type Grass/Poison Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It develops into Weepinbell starting at level 21, which evolves into Victreebel when exposed to a Leaf Stone. Bellsprout can be discovered in the wild in all Pokémon video games.Bellsprout is a little, thin Pokémon with a reddish-brown head and a yellow face with oval, black eyes. Its thin mouth is large open and curls at the end. On top of its head are 3 green leaves. Its thin body is primarily green and has a single, big leaf on its back. Each of its small feet has 2 toes.Despite its plant-like appearance, Bellsprout’s roots are really short. It resides in humid forests and marshes, where it grows by drawing up water with its root. Nevertheless, if the ground is dry, it will wilt rapidly. When it rains, it sprouts flowers from its head and grows longer vines. These vines are utilized as whips by some Trainers.


Is a Bellsprout a rare Pokemon

Yes, a Bellsprout is an unusual Pokemon. It is one of the rarest Pokemon in the world. There are only a handful of them in existence, and they are all very effective. You ought to absolutely take it if you ever have the possibility to capture one!


What is the value of a Bellsprout Pokemon card

There are lots of values that can be put on a Bellsprout Pokemon card. For some individuals, the worth may be sentimental, as it brings back memories of youth or a preferred television program. For others, the worth might be more useful, as the card could be worth money.You select to value your Bellsprout Pokemon card, there is no incorrect response. Whether you keep it in a shoe box under your bed or in a display screen case for all to see, the card is worth whatever you consider it to be. So ask yourself, what is the worth of a Bellsprout Pokemon card to you?


Where can I discover a Bellsprout Pokemon card

One location you might be able to find a Bellsprout Pokemon card is at your regional comics shop. You can attempt asking the workers if they understand of any other shops in the area that might have them if they don’t have any in stock. You can also examine online merchants like Amazon or Ebay. Another alternative is to go to a convention that concentrates on trading cards.


How many Hit Points does a Bellsprout have

A Bellsprout has an overall of 50 Hit Points.


Does a Bellsprout have any weaknesses

Bellsprout is a dual-type Grass/Poison Pokémon presented in Generation I. It develops into Weepinbell starting at level 21, which develops into Victreebel when exposed to a Leaf Stone. Bellsprout has a thin, yellow stalk for a neck, on top of which sits its little, black head. It has narrow eyes and a wide mouth with 2 pointed teeth in the upper jaw. Its roots look like feet, and it likewise has little buds on the sides of its head. Bellsprout’s thin, blue-green body is covered with yellow areas. It has very thin arms with frilly ends and no visible fingers.